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💼 Directeur-eigenaar at Second Transition Service
Lives in Paramaribo, Netherlands
👤 Female

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€ 40.422 / € 15.000
KOZP Solidariteitsfonds 2019 - 2020
Happy Kids Fellowship & Kiddo Camp This project needs your vote
36 / 200
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Hide Saskia Wirodikromo-Dopo Leading by example!

How can we lead by example for those who comes out of prison?
Are we indeed willing to lead by example?

What do we need to lead by example?
Are we willing to put and end in stigma towards those reintegrated back in society?

Will we stand on our rights to seek for justice?
Are we willing to start forgiving those who has committed a crime?

How far would we go to lose hope and faith in our love ones who are in prison?
Are we willing to start accepting those people back?

Are we... YES are willing to start A NEW BEGINNING after life in prison?
A New Beginning This project needs your vote
16 / 200
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