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About Us

ApuraNetworks is an online Crowdfunding & Networking platform designed to share our love for Surinam. This social enterprise with Surinamese roots unites entrepreneurs, students, non-profits and businesses with a social and creative mission. Together, we create and innovative solutions for social challenges in the Surinamese and Caribbean society. For example: how can we make entrepreneurship more accessible for our youth? What about the language barrier for children from villages in the Amazone? And: how can we make health care more accessable and afforable for all of us?

The current social challenges require a more distinctive approach. An economy that works for everyone. This mission asks for entrepreneurs who view financies/money as the tool instad of the goal. Entrepreneurs who are driven to positively change the world, and focus...

Our Vision and Focus

ApuraNetworks unites people with love for Surinam: the Surinamese citizens, her diaspora and friends of the this Caribbean country. Together, we form an online international network, a source of inspiration and potential for Surinam. This not only broadens our horizon, it creates opportunities to contribute to developmnts in Suriname, from inside and outside of the Surinamese borders.

Our crowdfunding platform is a foundation for (young) professionals and non-profits to present their social, creative and innovative projects to the world. This way, the projects and its owners become more visible and accessible for investment.

Donations go straight to the personally picked project and the developments of this project can be closely followed. You can contribute in a fair, transparent and accessible manner, making it even more fun to mean something to each other. This significantly lowers the threshold for initiating special projects.

With the heart in Suriname and an eye set on the future, we can unite and work on the development of Suriname.

Our Name and Logo

Apura is the name of an Indian village in West Suriname. The Indians are the native inhabitants of Suriname and the name of the village is derived from the surname of their first chief: Apura. West-Suriname is on the long run an emerging industrial area with a lot of potential, because of its huge bauxite reserves and other natural resources.

In the seventies Apura would become the second capital of Suriname, but the projects came to a halt at that time. The interest, however, still exists.
Our initiative is named after Apura, because of the potential that it had back than and still has today. We believe in this potential and are committed to contribute to the further development of Suriname.

Our logo - the Indian warrior with bow and arrow - is derived from an almost identical carving released in the different woods of Suriname. It symbolizes Surinamese origin, cultural diversity and human power. The logo was designed approximately 40 years ago by mrs. Noni Light Field, an illustrator and writer of Surinamese descent known of the many Anansi stories. With her permission Apura Networks has christened this Indian into the logo of Apura Networks. With this, she contributed to the realization of our dream.

Team Apura

We are a young and enthusiast team of highly assertive people who like to intensively work together to get things done. Sometimes we go a bit too far in the goals we pursue, but we do not mind making mistakes. We are all open, down to earth, love good food, fun and above all we immensely love Suriname, not only in words, but we love to show this by our deeds!
Miguel Rodrigues
Managing Director
Miguel is momenteel werkzaam in Paramaribo waarbij hij zich inzet voor uitbreiding van ApuraNetworks in Suriname. Tevens doet hij IT consultancy opdrachten gericht op project management & ontwikkeling van bedrijfsapplicaties en online innovaties. Hiervoor gewerkt bij IBM Benelux?, Application Innovation Services als IT Specialist op gebied van complexe systeem integraties.

Miguel is opgegroeid in Suriname en heeft Industrial Engineering gestudeerd aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam en Systems Engineering aan de TU Delft. Binnen ApuraNetworks is Miguel de Managing Director verantwoordelijk voor de algehele sturing met een focus op product ontwikkeling en innovaties. Miguel is bereikbaar via
Miguel Rodrigues
Managing Director
Jordy Houwen
Operations Director
Jo-Ann Dawson
Legal & Governance Lead
Lisa Kong
Online Business Lead
Rilliano Mertodikromo
Visual Designer
Tirzah Monsanto
Social Media Lead
Humphrey Polanen
Mentor & Strategic Advisor