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About Us

ApuraNetworks, the crowdfunding platform for the diverse society!

Years ago we started with the idea to bring the Surinamese diaspora and in Suriname interested professionals, students and entrepreneurs worldwide in contact with each other to contribute to sustainable development of each other and Suriname. On 15 September 2003, ApuraNetworks was established to realize our idea. We believe that connecting people worldwide contributes to knowledge and talent development, by connecting each and every one more is achieved.

“There is no secret to success in life. Just do your best, find something nice to do and surround yourself with good people. Because alone you can't do anything and together you can do everything.”- Johan Cruijf

In 2005, our networking platform was actually launched on our website everyone got the chan...

Our Vision and Focus

ApuraNetworks strives for the success of enterprising social ideas in which social and cultural diversity is embraced. Together we create support for unique talent.

We offer a crowdfunding platform where the initiator is guided in a way that is tailored to the person in order to realize his idea and bring his talent to the public. This support is offered through training, workshops, personal guidance, a manual or our other services.

We want to give everyone; educated or not, LGBT or not, young and old, with or without a migration background, a fair chance to achieve a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Together with our participants, we hope to help achieve enterprising ideas that promote the cultural and social diversity our society. We want to empower, enthuse and motivate our participants to social enterprise. Ultimately, we hope that we can deliver role models that contribute to an inclusive society. We believe in
connecting people and the importance of community building, and this is what we want to promote!

Our Name and Logo

Apura is the name of an indigenous village in West Suriname. The indigenous are the native inhabitants of Suriname and the name of the village is derived from the surname of their first chief: Apura. Everyone in team Apura has a connection with Suriname, either because of their roots or love for the country. Because of the above and because we identify with the indigenous philosophy of life; to live in harmony with the environment in a sustainable way. We have chosen the name ApuraNetworks.

Our logo - the Indian warrior with bow and arrow - is derived from an almost identical carving released in the different woods of Suriname. It symbolizes Surinamese origin, cultural diversity, and human power. The logo was designed approximately 40 years ago by Mrs. Noni Light Field, an illustrator, and writer of Surinamese descent known of the many Anansi stories. With her permission, Apura Networks has christened this Indian into the logo of Apura Networks. With this, she contributed to the realization of our dream.

Team Apura

We are a young and enthusiast team of highly assertive people who like to intensively work together to get things done. Sometimes we go a bit too far in the goals we pursue, but we do not mind making mistakes. We are all open, down to earth, love good food, fun and above all we immensely development, not only in words, but we love to show this by our deeds!
Miguel Rodrigues
Managing Director
Miguel is momenteel werkzaam in Paramaribo waarbij hij zich inzet voor uitbreiding van ApuraNetworks in Suriname. Tevens doet hij IT consultancy opdrachten gericht op project management & ontwikkeling van bedrijfsapplicaties en online innovaties. Hiervoor gewerkt bij IBM Benelux?, Application Innovation Services als IT Specialist op gebied van complexe systeem integraties.

Miguel is opgegroeid in Suriname en heeft Industrial Engineering gestudeerd aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam en Systems Engineering aan de TU Delft. Binnen ApuraNetworks is Miguel de Managing Director verantwoordelijk voor de algehele sturing met een focus op product ontwikkeling en innovaties. Miguel is bereikbaar via
Miguel Rodrigues
Managing Director
Jordy Houwen
Operations Director
Jo-Ann Dawson
Legal & Governance Lead
Lisa Kong
Online Business Lead
Rilliano Mertodikromo
Visual Designer
Tirzah Monsanto
Social Media Lead
Humphrey Polanen
Mentor & Strategic Advisor