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About Voting
Project Voting!
Are you considering to start a project? And are you interested in Crowdfunding? Then you've come to the right place!

On Apura Networks you can present your project or idea to the world. It is important that you, as project owner, believe in your project. With Crowdfunding you can finance your project with the help of the public, but they must be convinced first!

As a condition to start with a Crowdfunding project on Apura Networks you have to collect, in advance, a minimum of 200 votes within 10 days to start your project. On the basis of these pre-Crowdfunding round youshow that there are enough people that believe in your project and are willing to support you with it. This heat can of course also be used to check whether your idea, project or initiative would catch on, if you want to realize it. You are not required to immediately start with a Crowdfunding project.

Why are we doing this?
We noticed that people sometimes doubt whether their idea, project or initiative is ready for Crowdfunding. That's why we developed the pre-Crowdfunding round; people can test in an accessible way how their project will be received by the Crowd. The Crowd is the jury: objectively, fast and honest!

You can also see the pre-Crowdfunding round as a practice round prior to the Crowdfunding Campaign of your project. How will you promote your project? Are you convincing? Is online promotion enough? or do you need to go door to door to reach your target audience?
How does it work?
Click the "Start Project" button and follow the steps to create your Crowdfunding project. Fill in everything as completely as possible.

The promotional video of your project is very important. You can upload a separate simpler video for the pre-Crowdfunding round, but you can also use your final promo film for the Crowdfunding Campaign to convince the Crowd.

The last step (5) of the roadmap is a summary of the information entered by you. Select "Start pre-Crowdfunding round." From that moment you have 10 days to win 200 votes!
Projects can not retrieve money for:
- Individual gain, loans, shares, coupons, chance games or other personal interests;
- Firms with just a profit or economic interest;
- The development of offensive material (e.g. hate expressions, pornographic material, political endorsement or opposition, etc.);
- Multi-level marketing products;
- Firearms, knives, weapon accessories, replica weapons and security products
- Narcotics, tobacco, nutritional supplements, energy drinks and / or alcoholic beverages.
200 votes, and now?
Once you have enough votes, you can immediately start the Crowdfunding Campaign of the project. Tip: the shorter the period between the pre-round and Crowdfunding Campaign, the greater the chance that your voters will donate!

If you reached fewer than 200 votes, your project or idea is not ready for Crowdfunding (yet)? Ready for Crowdfunding, and unfortunately you can not start with a Crowdfunding Campaign for your project. We recommend you to revise your project and adjust if necessary . Do not be afraid - after a critical eye - to try again.
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