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    ApuraNetworks is an online networking and Diasporic Crowdfunding platform for the Caribbean.
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    Always wanted to know whether your idea, project or initiative is ready for Crowdfunding?
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    These companies believe in innovation and Crowdfunding for the Caribbean and support our projects...
  • Renzo swims for orphanage Odoniti's learning to swim project

    Renzo swims for the orphanage Odoniti situated in the district of Para, Suriname because most children do not know how to swim there. He wants to do something about it!
  • Order Suriname Beken(d)t and get 10% discount!

    The book "Suriname Beken(d)t? by 'Raúl Neijhorst was successfully funded through Crowdfunding via ApuraNetworks. Beautiful pictures and stories of 75 special Surinamese people who expose themselves! Use our discount code: apura
  • SSA AdeKUS Mechanical Engineering Accreditation - Strengthening education in Suriname

    SSA and Apura Networks crowdfunding the accreditation of the bachelor of Mechanical Engineering of the Anton de Kom University of Suriname.

Project of the day

Als elke seconde telt!
Pilot project voor “pre-sale” van zorgtickets voor gegarandeerde Ambulancedienst en bijbehorende acute zorg in Suriname.

/ 100

Gezondheidszorg Paramaribo, Suriname


days to go

Project Voters

Groningen, Netherlands Paramaribo, Suriname Paramaribo, Suriname Unknown Unknown





€ 55.173




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